Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lovecation - (an education based on Love) - by - Bob Atkinson

 (an education based on Love)
 (c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems in education
we've a cause yet unexplained
to underly our social problems
and worry about our fate

for education has different meanings
depends on where one learns
people taught those things which send
them on a fruitless charge of hurt

of hate, misunderstanding
parochial narrowing of their brains
never allowing beliefs of not theirs
to entertain refrains

without this charge of deviation
our world cares more for us
adjustment to our learning comes
with progress of our bunch

"Lovecation" that sultry phrase
means survival to us all
let us love our fellow man
not take them out in a fall

let's hold each other dearly
not change each other's heart
for in diversity of culture
we've a better way to start

start believing love's a treasure
mined with mind of gold
a softness centered on perfection
of effort and of goals

for goals set us on our road
to where we wish to go
a certain path which undulates
but never ends we're told

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