Saturday, September 24, 2016

This Land is Shared Land - by - Bob Atkinson

This Land is Shared Land
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

we're all blowing against a wind
wanting what's not even there to give
where we step, heaven knows
we're on our feet, but not on our toes

this land is shared land
this land's not owned land
we fight each other
but don't have a plan

can't claim we own it
don't even understand
universal progress
quiet destiny of man

we fight each other
as friend to foe
history's not even
in ebb and flow

this land is shared land
this land's not owned land
our sense of order
on truth depends

depends on which way
we turn our heads
toward love and freedom
or slavery's threat

we see our feelings
reaching out in love
rejected by those
who know not hope

violence permits them to
believe in falsehoods
and reckless moods
of anti-progress

but now we carry
to a well
a pail of hope
to have our fill

fill our senses
with truth untwisted
by games of pretense
controlled by deceivers

those who would
turn faith against
sweet jewel of man

our feelings of ourselves
how we relate
to a voice of thunder
at pearly gates

we sit and cry
when we don't find
our simple meaning
that is, of why?

why we are here
and why we build
while others tear down
our towns and fields

for our brothers who
find in their duty
deception bringing on
pain to suffer through

by thought and usage
of what controls our minds
makes our tears flow
breaks our hearts in time

much more to do
in evolution
can't follow useless
fist shaking stooges

now and ever
we must love faith
while in this moment
not move with haste

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