Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Absolutes, an Impediment to Progress - by - Bob Atkinson

an Impediment to Progress
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

wild thoughts flew through my mind
what stops us from progressing toward
a future harmony in life
a simple love of art?

we flow on as if a stream
which bubbles when rocks lie
beneath a surface tranquil
by furtherance of pride

how can we solve this mystery
which keeps us from being great
while opening our hearts
and eliminating pure bound hate

simple solution in my mind
I can solve this mess for you
with a word of caution for
all members of your crew

we must eliminate right here
thought of absolutes
nothing do we have in our
seething point of view

carries with divine truth
that's not possible in these times
so quit this feeling of finite test
calm your worried mind

absolutes get banned
they kill and hurt our kind
without them we co-operate
and feed our friends a line

a line of love and kindness
not recklessness and hate
we don't want to bomb our friends
don't want to un-create

absolutes need be abandoned
nobody knows firm truth
in spite of what they say to you
theirs isn't all you'd make

make into something rational
nobody has a key
unless softness survives these times
we'll never find our freedom

freedom to explore our hearts
and sit right down to think
nobody in this world survives
if taken over absolute's brink

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