Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Defining Us - by - Bob Atkinson

Defining Us
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems to me in saddest terms
we've missed an opportunity
to mesh our souls for purpose
an independent unity

so many things needed done
yet fuss and fight we do
for in this universal dream
our thoughts lie not with you

they begin with us, of course
a simple sharing of
a wild ride through universe
upon a spinning globe

as if detached from each other
we seem to fight our fate
which defines collection of
spirit which dissipates

dissolves when absolutes
grow within our band
keeping us from producing
anything that's grand

we fight with nature for survival
those winds which blow so hard
and water falling down on us
washing away our towns

that oxygen which we breathe
rusts our bridges toward ground
while never giving us a peek
permanence never to be found

saddens us these events
and attitudes of our mentors
feeling greed and avarice
presents a strong pretension

pretension of good for all of us
while lining pockets with the gold
which could have build our cities up
with openness of goals

so we sit in mud deranged
while opportunity finds no place
of future with our sweet delights
no courage in our wake

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