Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The French Revolution - by - Bob Atkinson

The French Revolution
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

some believed those old ways
were always here to stay
some hoped to continue status quo
keeping monarchs in a powered state

then on Europe's southern side
north of Iberian plains
arose an idea of democracy
to spread out across French lands

this scared those despots greatly
strange idea of peoples' trust
how could they challenge kings
how could they run amok

how could they feel a transfer
of power to the people
would enlighten all within their realm
of castles and church steeples

rich had gotten richer
poor had gotten poorer
was the way those elite
saw good social order

they pocketed many millions
and saw their power grow
yet those French would challenge
how this ever was to go

people heard what they told them
no question here of fact
those lies of institutions
never seemed to look back

back into those middle ages
when despots rose to touch
every aspect of the lives
where control held minds in muck

well, you know the end result
kings lost their thrones and heads
and many people were satisfied
until they did it again

for hard becomes the struggle
when behind scenes we're cut apart
by those who wish to regain power
by duplicity as an art

we have our own examples
of this deviousness in our fold
how in '29 those not in power
shrank money supply and told

told us wasn't them
was those nasty conservatives
who let the people free
not a good thing they said

then again in '08
when nobody looked again
they sub-primed us ten years earlier
took that long to sink down in

down into our banking system
where hurt began again
and people lost their jobs and wealth
fingers pointed to wrong side of fence

"... oh those who believe
in freedom without restraint
did this deed (chuckle)
we need to reign them in ..."

sad situation that mankind
has not a love of fellow
to back off from deceit
and just a bit stay mellow

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