Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Wife as a Mistress - by - Bob Atkinson

The Wife as a Mistress
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

seems domestic life gets old
we move apart from our goals
taking with us all good form
rote companionship becomes a norm

rarely do we see
adventure in returning from
our workday duties far away
just sit, stare and deviate

deviate from the hunt
risk, excitement, all that stuff
those blood pressure raising calls to arms
rare treasures in this world of ours

solution's simple in form
take your wife as mistress fawned
woo her every day with kisses
tell her you'd always miss her

but you're duty bound
a wife who never understands
your needs set free with hands unbound
a man, my love, has needs to pounce

as a cat as if in a jungle
with claws so sharp, teeth driven by muscle
a quick reaction, oh so fast
but hunting's merely a minute's gamble

then back to calm with home so sweet
a worried woman sitting at his feet
to purr her ever sweetest words
as if he had been brave and conquered her

conquered her soul with his gallant deeds
a man who treasures all he sees
she loves his every word exclaimed
caresses his soul by softly saying

those words he hears every day
"wash the car you lazy fool
go get the kids from school
take out the garbage she loudly rages"

he thinks a mistress would never say this

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