Friday, November 25, 2016

Adaptation - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

surreal describes our situation
a mental image processed inward
toward some deviation's mark
of human non-progress directly stated

we step back in our time
within a mix of what we see
devolved toward institutions
benign and in between

solve for me this problem
help me with this question
which expands our capabilities
strength or cowardice?

strength would stand our backbone
against every problem charged
while cowardice would never ever find
us with courage leveraged by

by those men of society
who claim their laws lie real
when they, in their weakest moments
this land underfoot did steal

so why would what someone says
hurt you in the least
why could you not ignore
words from some strange beast

why would society protect you
from verbal communication
even though those thoughts you hear
come from a deviant situation

I would rather hear it all
so I could adapt to that charge
with thought over time
as to their meaning's cause

would never tell you you're in the wrong
to say any words to me
for when you say them openly
you've set your mind process free

when you hear these things from me
you know fully where I stand
I'd rather have a bullet come
from front not toward my back

adaptation changes us
and melds those not sincere
from a pot of thoughtless men
into a set of peers

while protection of thought
demeans our species greatly
give me honesty please friend
so I can understand your meaning

for if because of convention
you hide your feelings from
your friends and your enemies
we'll never become just one

always stay "them and us"
and those not of my kind
something I would cry about
from now 'till end of time

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