Friday, November 11, 2016

Total of Our Run - by - Bob Atkinson

Total of Our Run
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson
lack of money isn't poverty
money isn't wealth
for I've seen both sides of life
with openness of breath

for when one lives in poverty
there are rags to wipe the floor
and smiles can't be bought with cash
cash doesn't open every door

for if you stand on a corner
and beg for coins from me
won't give a penny to you then
unless right there I see

a broom in your hand
to sweep up city streets
something you'd not think of
as you stand there on your feet

there were times when my paper route
bought presents for our crew
cause papa lost that money when
too few good cards he drew

and coin left in his pocket
bought wine of simple taste
and left us with a heartache
instead of toys and games

but we tried our best not to do
those bad things they had done
giving our children a solid home
not ever on the run

for we found energy from disappointment
in having nothing of our own
the will to work much harder
than every other soul

and when you tally performance
you see what we have done
not letting poverty of time
be the total of our run

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