Friday, November 18, 2016

If Another Thinks Different - by - Bob Atkinson

If Another Thinks Different
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

travesty befell us all
when those who tended sheep
harvested a sentiment
against what good men teach

this seemed a private notion
but with hurt to impose on us
a disunited stumble
for people akin to lust

never in all history
had sacrilege been thus portrayed
never in thousands of years
had humanity been thus betrayed

cause of such reduced to naught
wiping out religious freedom in this world
where before you could worship plainly
anyone you would

but now with this statement of
untrue facts brought to our front
we feel free to injure others
as they're not of our bunch

when people see this bad's been done
they might open up their eyes
to reality of purpose here
as we're not a bunch of liars

we're open minded in approach
when we think a lot
not allowing ritual hypnosis
to injure us at all

we know we're sincerely blessed
to think for ourselves sometimes
we know who's supreme in our hearts
if another thinks different, that's just fine

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