Friday, November 11, 2016

Nationalist Tendencies - by - Bob Atkinson

Nationalist Tendencies
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

take your fear of status quo
dunk this in your coffee
and free your mind of decision
not what's offered now

we see ourselves as unique
but we've seen this path before
an overwhelming situation
which evens up the score

not always do we feel a pain
but when we do we pause
to reflect in who we are
and which is our great cause

history shows a depth of knowledge
about our current fare
nationalist fury can't be buried
for long, not mood declared

we come together as a group
when leaders show us weakness
and stretch our country to the brink
of folly and crass sheep-ness

we, as others in this world
need to find good strength
by allowing idealist bents
to mold us not to break us

so argue your side of life
your unique point of view
but momentum of the national
will settle down anew

and build a future who knows how
but forces here arrayed
have direction we don't know
until we read of history's page

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