Monday, January 9, 2017

An Army to Conquer An Army to Protect - by - Bob Atkinson

(c)2017 Bob Atkinson

here in middle continent
we form a battle band
to project our authority
both here, and beyond our land

a society becomes a creature
tries everything of note
to influence beyond fixed borders
government without a single vote

outcomes of senseless struggle
rebels without good cause
those who would harm peace
taking life spark from us all

my feelings swell inside me always
when thinking about these facts
face flushes with emotion
when viewing tanks with tracks

and guns which carry bullets
boots with which to march
backpacks carrying all needs
for a killer pawn's departure

knowing first hand that we
as an army have no voice
in bringing civil nature to
another country's coasts

makes me sad when reflecting
how we deviate from real
sinking down deep to find
our courage and our zeal

perhaps without these travesties
we never would evolve
into a force of nature
with courage and resolve

this thought finds comfort for
my conflict here in mind
do we try to pretend greatness
by slapping down our kind

or do we equate emotions
courage, fanfare, marching through
a world without open borders
where violence pays its due

pays homage to a past
where the vicious found their mark
and tortured all who opposed
their view of nature's spark

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