Sunday, January 15, 2017

Devolution A World Devolved - by - Bob Atkinson

A World Devolved
(c)2017 Bob Atkinson

sense we've turned a corner
in our world of fine fixed minds
where we've become accustomed
to variations without rhyme

those simple institutions which
find nothing here of note
I'm in a vast confusion
about these things here I have wrote

do my reflex feelings
come from deep down in my heart
or do they reflect passages burned
by media's techniques of minded rot

for everywhere I look I find
them telling me how to feel
I don't respond well to terror
or some altruistic zeal

for those who think they know good truth
in reality know nothing new
they're only in this for ego
to assemble a controlled crew

which feeds their self-image
a preponderance of rage
and kills those innocent of guilt
while keeping freedom caged

I find this situation
irritating in the least
for whomever keeps me from life
deserves to lie at my feet

an open invitation to
those who force themselves on us
and keep us in a bind
with their varieties of lust

lust for power and control
I give you not that over me
for I am a simple soul
wanting to be free

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